Discover Tutankhamun's Tomb

Date: 16th Oct to 12th Dec

With Tutankhamun’s tomb in Egypt closed to the public and his mask taken off display for restoration work, now is the ideal time to visit the Tutankhamun Exhibition in Dorchester.  It also coincides with the anniversary of Howard Carter restarting his search for Tutankhamun’s tomb and his eventual discovery of the first step on 4th November 1922. By the end of November Carter, Carnarvon and the world knew that Tutankhamun’s Tomb had been discovered full of wonderful treasures.

It is this excitement and wonder at the world’s greatest discovery of ancient treasure that the Tutankhamun Exhibition recreates. Be there at the moment of discovery walk in Carter's footsteps through the exquisitely recreated ante chamber and burial chamber filled with wonderful treasures and finally come face to face with some of Tutankhamun’s greatest golden treasures reproduced as exact facsimiles.

It’s the ideal visit any day including weekends and half term. Open from 10am to 4pm.