Discovery of Tutankhamun

November is an auspicious month in the story of Tutankhamun. It was on 4th November 1922 that, after many years of searching in the Valley of the Kings, Howard Carter's team discovered the first step of what turned out to be the entrance to the tomb. It took a few weeks to excavate the 16 steps leading down to a passageway that was cut into the valley side and that led to a sealed door engraved with cartouches. By then Lord Carnarvon, Carter's financier, and Carnarvon's daughter had arrived from England and on 26th November 1922 a hole was made in the doorway to see what lay beyond. Was it the tomb of Tutankhamun and if so had it been robbed in ancient times like many other royal tomb. When asked by Carnarvon if he could see anything Carter replied "Yes, strange animals, statues, and gold everywhere the glint of gold". Thankfully it was the tomb and it was still intact. By the end of the month the ante-chamber had been officially opened.

Published: 26th Nov

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