It’s all celebrations at the Tutankhamun Exhibition in Dorchester

It’s all celebrations at the Tutankhamun Exhibition in Dorchester


It’s a double celebration for the team at the Tutankhamun Exhibition this week. We were thrilled to hear that The Exhibition has been voted Runner Up in the Favourite Museum or Historic Attraction Reader Star Awards for 2017 organised by Primary Times.  The announcement of the Award coincides with the 95th anniversary of the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in by Howard Carter on November 26th, 1922.


The Reader Star Awards are organised by Primary Times – Dorset’s leading Days Out and What’s on Guide for families and teachers of primary school children.  This year has seen record numbers of Primary Times readers voting in the awards for the attractions they have enjoyed visiting.​


“We’re very honoured to have been voted Runner Up in the Favourite Museum or Historical Attraction in the Primary Times Reader Star Awards,” said Tim Batty manager of the Tutankhamun Exhibition, “especially as it is by our visitors and the readers of Primary Times. We always try to ensure that visitors to the Tutankhamun Exhibition have the best possible experience, and the whole team are delighted that this has been recognised with this award.”


“The award comes at a special time as this Sunday 26th November is the 95th anniversary of the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings in 1922. It is probably the world’s greatest discovery of ancient treasure and caused worldwide excitement and fascination about Tutankhamun. Never before had such a complete pharaohs tomb been found with all its treasures intact and untouched. This sense of ‘Tutmania’ is still kept alive today in the Tutankhamun Exhibition. Since its opening 30 years ago the Exhibition has welcomed over 2 million visitors and has won praise from Egyptologists, museum professionals, and the public for its innovative and exciting approach.”


“We have built up an enviable reputation with schools, welcoming many hundreds of school groups to the Exhibition every year. Many return year after year as the teachers say Tutankhamun’s tomb and treasures inspire the children and really brings their ancient Egyptian study topic to life. Children who have been on a school visit often return with their parents so that they can share the experience with them.”


Visitors experience the magnificence and wonder of the discovery at The Tutankhamun Exhibition. Tutankhamun’s tomb, treasures and mummy have been superbly recreated. It’s like stepping back in time 95 years and witnessing Lord Carnarvon and Lady Evelyn as they watch Howard Carter open a hole in the sealed door at the moment of discovery. Hear their excited words, and then move into the ante-chamber filled with its wonderful treasures just as they saw them in 1922. Smell the pleasant odours of the funerary oils. Then enter the burial chamber and witness the raising of the golden coffins from the quartzite sarcophagus, where the royal mummy had lain for over 3000 years. The whole scene is completed by audio commentaries and superb wall paintings. Finally, some of Tutankhamun's greatest golden treasures including the funerary mask are displayed in exact facsimile.

Published: 26th Nov

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