The Tutankhamun Exhibition has become recognised by schools from over much of England, as a major resource in the study of Ancient Egypt. School children can experience the mystery and wonder of the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb first hand. The Exhibition - the most comprehensive and innovative on the boy pharaoh outside of Egypt - actually recreates the tomb, treasures, and mummy of Tutankhamun.

A fantastic trip (we come every year) and as always children have found very informative. Enjoyed by all! Thank you.

St Mary's First School, West Moors


The Tutankhamun Exhibition was created in 1987 in the footsteps of the famous 1972 London exhibition at the British Museum. However, because the Exhibition uses unique, accurate and perfect facsimiles of the king's treasures, it has been possible to recreate the ante-chamber and burial chamber of the tomb exactly as it was when it was discovered by Howard Carter in 1922; thus capturing a moment in time forever. The Tutankhamun Exhibition is a permanent exhibition situated in the centre of Dorchester, the county town of Dorset. The Exhibition has a thriving schools programme.

The Exhibition starts with a wealth of information on various aspects of Ancient Egypt including the Rosetta Stone and Mummification; the historical & political background to the life of Tutankhamun; and the search for, and discovery of, his tomb. Next is a unique recreation of Tutankhamun's mummy.The body has been replicated using special techniques to exactly re-create the original, which now lies out of sight in the sarcophagus in Tutankhamun's tomb in the Valley of the Kings.

The children learnt so much! The introductory talk gave a really useful context, and the worksheets provided an invaluable focus. Thank you.

Marshwood School

The reconstruction of the Ante-Chamber is filled with its treasures just as it was in 1922 and even the pleasant odours of the unguents & oils have been reproduced. The Burial Chamber depicts the coffins being raised from the sarcophagus and offers school pupils an unparalleled experience. These unique factors have made The Tutankhamun Exhibition famous in its own right. It has been extensively featured on numerous national and international television programmes.

With the inclusion of Ancient Egypt in the National Curriculum, and in particular the emphasis on Tutankhamun, the Exhibition has become a 'must' for schools, a wonderful resource to which children can really relate. For those thinking of bringing a party, it is advisable to book well in advance, otherwise it may not be possible to obtain the dates you require.


National Curriculum:

HISTORY: KS1 & 2 - know and understand aspects of the history of the wider world, the achievements of the earliest civilizations including an overview of where ancient civilizations appear and an indepth study of one such civilization - Ancient Egypt & Tutankhamun.

Ancillary Uses: ENGLISH - Development of writing systems (Rosetta Stone, etc). GEOGRAPHY - Egypt's position in the world. Importance of the Nile. TECHNOLOGY - Trade, raw material - Gold. RELIGIOUS EDUCATION - Religion of Ancient Egypt. Gods & Goddesses. Funeral Customs. Sacred Texts. Atenism -the first monotheistic religion. SCIENCE –Egyptian technology - invention of glass. Chemistry of mummification. Egyptian science. MATHEMATICS - Mathematics of the ancient Egyptians, etc. ART – Great Treasures of Egyptian Art.

CROSS CURRICULAR ELEMENTS - Education for economic and industrial understanding - distribution of wealth, employment and division of labour, and the everyday life of the ancient Egyptians.

Teacher Reconnaissance Visits:

Free of Charge. Please telephone in advance and identify yourself on arrival.


A free worksheet is available for each child on arrival. There are two levels, and samples are available on request. Feel free to copy and/or alter the worksheet.

Location & Parking:

The Tutankhamun Exhibition is in the centre ofDorchester, Dorset's county town, in High West Street. It is pedestrian signposted from major car parks. We are 200 metres from the coach/car park at the 'Top of Town' roundabout. Coaches cannot stop outside the Exhibition.

Getting to Dorchester:

By Road - Dorchester is centrally situated on the intersection of the A35 and the A37, and is within comfortable distance of the M5, M3, and M27. By Rail - Intercity from Waterloo to Dorchester South Station, or from Bristol to Dorchester West Station.


(for 15 or more in a group) Please ring 01305 269741 for details. Special joint rates are available for visits to The Dinosaur Museum on the same day.


This special exhibition on ancient Egyptian mummification is on show in a new gallery within the Tutankhamun Exhibition.


School Parties and Groups need to pre-book. For details please call 01305 269741.


The Exhibition is suitable for those with impaired mobility. Two steps at access point - temporary ramps available. Other special needs: Hearing Impaired - Although there are several audio programmes, all information is clearly labelled. Partially Sighted - Some difficulty may be experienced with the low level of atmospheric lighting.

Party Size and Organisation:

The ideal size of a group is 30-35 pupils. It is however possible to accommodate up to three groups from the same school throughout the course of the day. We always try to avoid mixing groups from two different schools.

Duration of Visit:

In general 2 hours per group should be allowed for a visit, but this can be varied to meet individual requirements. The group is free to explore the Exhibition at their own pace, and member of the Exhibition team will be on hand to assist in any way. Everything is fully labelled and there are audio presentations. The Exhibition contains a great deal of information on ancient Egypt in general, as well as Tutankhamun in particular.


The Exhibition has a large gift shop with a wide range of souvenirs, statues, jewellery, papyrus, and many more Egyptian themed items. There is an extensive book section with a wide selection of titles for adults and children.


Refreshments can be had from many establishments within Dorchester, or there is a pleasant park - The Borough Gardens - suitable for picnics nearby.


We suggest that children use the public toilets at the coach park before visiting The Exhibition as toilets are limited on site.

How to Book:

It is advisable to telephonen 01305 269741 to see whether the date and time of your proposed visit is available. We will then make a booking. Once you have confirmed this booking we will send you written confirmation of the details plus other information.


Payment should be made on arrival preferably by a cheque made payable to World Heritage Ltd., alternatively by cash or credit card. BACS payment can also be made. Ring 01305 269741 for details. 

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