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The Search for Secret Chambers in Tutankhamun’s Tomb Continues!

Published: 15th Feb

A team from the Polytechnic University of Turin will be recommencing the search for hidden chambers…

Discovery of Tutankhamun

Published: 26th Nov

November is an auspicious month in the story of Tutankhamun. It was on 4th November 1922 that, after many years of searching in the Valley of the Kings, Howard Carter's team discovered the first step of what turned out to be the entrance to the tomb.

Tutankhamun Exhibition visits ITV This Morning Studios

Published: 17th Oct

Following rave review’s of ITV’s new prime time historical drama ‘Tutankhamun” Phillip Schofield and Christine Lampard where joined on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ sofa by the replica of Tutankhamun’s golden throne and dagger on loan from the Tutankhamun Exhibition Dorchester.

Tutankhamun TV Series for this Autumn

Published: 23rd Sep

A major new 4 part drama series is soon to be shown on ITV focusing this autumn. It reveals the highs and lows of the journey to the eventual discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb,